Marc ten Bosch - Producer/Technical Director
	Worked on: Skeletal animation system, graphics, input, 
	hud, game flow, menus, design, website.

Jason Hoffman - Technical Director/Producer
	Worked on: Characters and objects behavior, physics, 
	particle systems.

Jake Bottelberghe - Product Manager/Lead Tester
	Worked on: Levels, marketing materials.

Branden Bean - Game Designer/Art Assets
	Worked on: Art and animations, design, voice acting.

Chris Lucas - Sound Programming
	Worked on: Sound.
Digipen Institute of technology

Claude Comair - President
Jen Sward - Executive Producer
Special thanks to: Josh Bell (for being a yakuza), Jami 
"the cute artist girl" Moravetz (for the hand of god voice acting).

Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Digipen Institute of Technology